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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Nine

“You are a baby,” Funmi said as Kayode painted her toenails. The lockdown had definitely brought out a side of her she didn’t even know she had. This was the first time in forever that she just sat leisurely in her living room with no work-oriented tasks. She had come to realise that with Kayode, there would be many first-time-in-forever experiences. With no new contracts at the moment, she had more time on her hands to play, so she allowed herself to breathe and get to know this man who had become so important to her. The timing of the

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Eight

“What if this is a mistake Kayode?” Funmi asked, while also approving a payment invoice. It was Sunday evening and she had gone to the office to quickly finish some assignments she abandoned after Kayode’s kiss on Friday. That kiss had being a turning point. Funmi realised it was useless denying the strong affections she had for Kayode. Cheating herself of what the promise of a relationship with him held could make her miserable, and distract her from fully attending to her duties. So, like the boss lady that she is, Funmi didn’t waste time agreeing to be with Kayode

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Seven

April was Kayode’s favourite month of the year; it was a saner version of December. The last month of the year was always the busiest for Kayode, where he makes fifty percent of his profits. He usually has a function on every day of December, including the 25th. While people celebrated Christmas with family and friends, Kayode was always cooking. However, in April, the events were not as much, and definitely not as demanding. So, he could enjoy the Easter celebration, attend events, go to church, and still make a healthy income. This April was quite the opposite. There was

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Six

Kayode did not answer his mother’s call; instead he put his phone on airplane mode. There comes a time in a man’s life when he must make a decision that favours his biggest life goal. That time had come for Kayode. He put Funmi back to bed, and set up the last drip that James provided, after she brushed her teeth. He smiled at her shyly, and she smiled back. The little exchange was even more intimate than when he held her in his arms some minutes ago. It did not matter what anybody thought. He couldn’t stay away from

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Five

It rained till morning. The sound of his loud doorbell startled Kayode awake. Who is finding it hard to stay in his or her house this early morning? It was only 6:00AM. He was just beginning to find some sleep, after leaving Funmi in his room. He came to the living room to watch the news but was knocked out not too long after. The bell rang again. Realizing it could be James coming with news about Funmi, he hurried to the door. When Kayode opened his front door, he did not see James. At the door was the absolute

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Four

If this pepper soup could not revive her taste buds, nothing could. She tried to take another spoon, but her throat rejected it. Swallowing had become a chore. Funmi dropped the bowl of food on the table beside her and sipped some water. It tasted bitter; she had to restrain herself from spitting it out. Kayode had dropped the meal about an hour ago, before leaving with a promise to come back for the plates when she was done. He was soon going to be back to see that she had taken just two spoons. It was unfair to his

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Three

James was irritated. He had just concluded a night shift at his job, as a junior consultant doctor at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, when Kayode pleaded that he come to his house immediately. Reluctantly, James left the hospital in Ikeja, driving through increasing traffic at 7:00 am for Lekki Phase 1 where Kayode lives, expecting to help with an emergency. There was an emergency alright; A very irritating, self-inflicted one. Kayode was not dying of food poisoning or some deadly illness that had left him incapacitated. Instead, he invited him over to attend to a woman, who for all

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Two

Episode Two Kayode remained seated in the car outside Funmi’s office building. She had walked in two hours ago, but there was no sign of her attempting to leave. Already, it was almost 3 am. Did she plan to be there till daybreak? He picked his phone for the umpteenth time to call her, only to remember that he no longer had her personal phone number. She probably changed it, or maybe she just had different lines, because his Happy New Month and Merry Christmas messages had stopped delivering for over a year now. She never used to reply any

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Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode One

Funmi stifled a sneeze, and it was harder than she had imagined, but ever since she started feeling the sensation from her hotel room this morning, she knew it was compulsory to do this in public. She wasn’t about to be side-eyed and shunned because of the fears posed by this useless pandemic that is ruining everything. Already, her trip was going to have to come to an unceremonious end without her achieving all her goals. There were already rumours that the Lagos State Government was going to declare a lockdown this week, banning all international trips. She would hate

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Darkening Dawn​

I will never forget the day the sun refused to come out. In my school, we had been informed about the event days before it happened. A professor from Ibadan came to explain it better, but I didn’t understand what the man was saying; most of us in the hall had been too distracted by his grammar.  He used words like ‘syzgy, annular, umbra and orbital planes’  to explain the coming event, and the only thing he achieved was to create new catch-phrases with which we would tease one another.   For instance, we would say to someone who couldn’t answer a question

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