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Bolanle Olosunde-Jenrola, is a storyteller and content producer that is excited about exploring various communication media to entertain her target audience, and at other times to promote corporate objectives.

Bolanle believes that stories make the world a better place. It fuels our imagination, challenges the status-quo, and helps us embrace new ideologies that could be progressive and helpful in achieving real life goals.

Her Chef, His Crush, A Chance – Episode Nine

“You are a baby,” Funmi said as Kayode painted her toenails. The lockdown had definitely brought out a side of her she didn’t even know she had. This was the first time in forever that she just sat leisurely in her living room with no work-oriented tasks. She had come to realise that with Kayode, there would be many first-time-in-forever experiences. With no new contracts at the moment, she had more time on her hands to play, so she allowed herself to breathe and get to know this man who had become so important to her. The timing of the relationship was so appropriate for growth. Two Sundays ago, while at her office, Funmi had given up on the possibility

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