Ten Days in Sun City

Ten Days in Sun City

If I didn’t write about this film, I think my T.J would have written it, because I’ve spoken so much about it that he might as well be the movie reviewer himself. Not just because of my excitement about the story, but for my respect for the Producer AY, a man who understands the business behind the craft.

The story was entertaining, thrilling, and funny no doubt, but that wasn’t why it made plenty millions in the box office. Ayo Makun gets it. He understands that making films is a business just like selling clothes, shoes, or Jollof rice, so he packages it like a product.


He doesn’t just find a story, shoots it, and naturally expects that the audience will love it. He rubs it so much in their faces that even if you were not a fan for his kind of stories, you will watch it just to be able to join trending conversations of the season.


It could be funny when you see him going from one cinema to the other, watching the film with his audience, taking selfies, and convincing them to buy tickets, just like any seller in Yaba will convince you to buy their wares, but it’s because he understands the business of Nollywood. It’s interesting to see that the audience is beginning to get excited about watching well-made Nigerian films, but a larger part of the audience still watch films because of the celebrities they see in them. So AY not only plays lead in his films, he carries himself to play with his audience who can’t resist to see their celebrity in flesh and blood.


I really love this method, and how it is gradually being adopted as a means of getting the Nigerian audience to watch our films in the cinemas. If this is what it takes to get us to choose home-made films against the foreign ones at big screens, then it is worth it. Because in my opinion, filmmakers deserve to begin to make money from their craft. Enough is enough! We must gradually evolve from a generation where our filmmakers are as hungry as they are popular because of pirates, or lack of visibility for their creativity and talent.


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